Elisabeth Sulser, Solo
Be it for different recorders, the bagpipe or horns: Elisabeth Sulser not only loves to play various instruments but also feels very much at home in exploring any number of music styles. As a soloist she plays early music from medieval to baroque as well as traditional melodies from folk music. Her other fields of activities are just as versatile. Elisabeth Sulser participates as guest musician in theatre productions and performs at events and concerts. She also works as a soloist in orchestras, as a course instructor and teacher for the recorder at various schools.


Elisabeth Sulser & Band

It was their curiosity and love to experiment, their delight to break down the boundaries between old and traditional folk music, and their desire to create new and consistent sound characteristics that led to the formation of the ensemble «Elisabeth Sulser & Band». Since its first CD «Rendez-vous» (2008) the trio consisting of Elisabeth Sulser (flutes, bagpipe, horn), Felix Haller (accordion, guitar, vocals) and David Aebli (bass, mandolin, bouzouki) intensely explore the folk music of different countries. During their concerts and performances they keep on rearranging traditional sounds and melodies out of the international folklore.


Further Ensembles

As a skilled and versatile musician Elisabeth Sulser performs as a member of various formations and participates in many projects, always striving to broaden her repertoire. She shares her passion for medieval melodies and legends with Ursina Straub (words) in the project «legends & horn». Her collaboration with the singer Andrea Pfenninger is all about classical music. And as part of the Duo with Sibylle Kunz (recorder, hurdy-gurdy, harp) she performs music from the medieval times to the baroque era.